Water on Mars    

is intended to be a VR (online) multiplayer walking simulator for up to 10 players, with its conceptual focus on the relationship between player and author and its potential level of intimacy.

Due to data loss, the only functional version available is the one for his last exhibition in a physical space that is VR-only (Oculus Rift, Quest 2 doesn't work either) and without a menu.

Water on Mars is an invitation to an intimate game experience. It opens by using the photogrammetric interpretation of the authors, my, naked body and allowing the players to virtually walk it. The players can move on its surface by entering the natural orifices of the body and passing through the 3D modeled, abstract interpretations of my internal organs to leave the body on the other side.

It is a subtle attempt to manipulate the long-standing trope of the female body as a landscape to be discovered, explored, and conquered, which is only possible with a body read as masculine, or at least not feminine. Starting with a fragile pose at the beginning and then keeping as many errors in the beta-state algorithm of Autodesk Momento (the photogrammetric software to convert the photos of my body into a 3D object) as gamelogically possible, is an additional approach to break the untouchable, strong and cool trope of masculinity by embracing fragility and subsequently vulnerability. For further development I would think of adding more liquids/fluids that are connoted as feminine and mixing them with the Mars-like environment.

On the hardware level, I chose VR glasses to enhance the intimate game experience and reduce the distracting potential of other visitors and sound in the exhibition. For future development I would like to work on custom controllers covered with fake skin and a hair-like carpet.