Bunker Fleischstein

is a research materialization in a larger process and a 3D browser game.
It’s a sketch, as a method to help me researching in my long-term project of exploring my birth family's history, as a history of perpetrators in the context of National Socialism, and intergenerational trauma sharing, toxic masculinity and thinking into documentary game mechanics. Bunker Fleischstein laid the foundation for the following work VVater.

The state of this sketch is unfinished, and I will not pursue further development of this build, as I have encountered limitations that are too fundamental for my ideological purposes. The object-oriented view mechanic, the low-poly 3D dimensional space, and the single-player mode, to name a few, produce a working logic that is contrary to what I was aiming for. This could have been a stepping stone to a more advanced version of the original idea, an open-world multiplayer online library of my research, but funding fell through. However, this sketch helped me better understand the scope of my long-term research, while finding ideas like sex positivism as an emancipatory practice and concrete as a material substance.

I produced Fleischstein financed by a Projektstipendium of the Hessische Kulturstiftung. Since the timeframe was tight, I used Unity as a game engine for the sketch – a decision based on economic pressure that contradicts my usual practice of supporting independent, open-source, and common-good-oriented tools. I see none of this in the structure of Unity: core functions are hidden and not modifiable for the average user, which prevents possible adaptions to personal desires, blocks acquiring insights on coding practices, and creates a dependency on the tool itself.